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Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) Links v1.0 Rev 1

August 22, 2007

Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) Links v1.0 Rev 1
Personal Public Transport by Martin V. Lowson, Advanced Transport Group,

University of Bristol

ATRA wrote a report in 1989 Report and revised in 2002. The 1989 report had

stated that current (1989) technology should be sufficient for a practical

PRT implementation.

Advanced Transit Association, Journal of Advanced Transportation,

Ultra, Taxi200 (SkyWeb Express), etc.

Indeed, according to Martin Lowson Freng in Engineering the ULTra System

( the technology is overdue:

“Every previous change in surface transport has involved a change of both

vehicle and infrastructure. Thus it is logical to examine new systems which

feature a change of both vehicle and infrastructure. This has provided new

opportunities unconstrained by the limitations of existing systems. The key

technology for the train, Richard Trevithick’s high pressure boiler, was

invented just after the major peak in canal building. But high pressure

steam could provide only marginal gain for the canal system. Similarly the

key invention for the car-road system, the internal combustion engine, was

invented just after the second major peak in railway building. Again, the

application of the internal combustion engine to the railway provides only

marginal gain over steam. In both cases, it needed the development of a new

transport system, vehicles and infrastructure, to exploit the opportunities

offered by the new technology. We are now past the major peak of motorway

building, so, by analogy with the past, it is reasonable to suppose that the

key technologies that will drive the next form of surface transport should

be available now.” Modular Automated Individual Transport SOME COMMON






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