Topics I Like: Josh Hall’s Space Pier, StarTram, personal rapid transit, transhumanism/biotech/nanotech convergence and a fascist borderline elite, false flag operations, real (geo)-libertarianism and honest free market fundamentalism, pledging allegiance to the US Constitution rather than a piece of cloth daily, etc.

Stuff I Like: The irony of Murdoch hosting blogs by ignoranceisntbliss, and others (at MySpace)

Stuff I dislike: hypocrisy, fresh horse manure, terrorist organizations such as Murdoch’s Propaganda Corp which is orders of magnitude worse than Al Qaeda

My Favorite Sites: 

see https://mixedstateecodepression73.wordpress.com/2007/08/22/favorite-sites-alphanumeric-order/



Favorite Music: Some of it is entertainment, some stuff I have yet to figure out (the meaning), the rest is an earful about an administration I don’t like (at least if it is what it appears to be, and most likely even if it isn’t)

Status: Single

Orientation: Straight, but if I can have two or more lesbians who think I’m cute, I’m Casanova, pass me over

Education: BBA, Ohio University, March ’92


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