Are the Birther Idiots Being Used???

The Grinols case (for those that don’t know what this is: basically “birther movement”) will reach the Supreme Court February 15th.

I would not be surprised if Orly Taitz wins she loses and the security state wins.  It may be that the government either has state secrets it is protecting or will make the claim that it was protecting state secrets.

Regardless of the truth, Orly Taitz may become known as someone who ousted a patriotic American President who served his country and jeopardized national security.  I am assuming that enough secrets (“secrets”?) are revealed that Obama can no longer serve as President.  Perhaps just revealing that the Supreme Court seals its findings in the Grinols case is enough to force Obama to resign.

I wonder what the outcome of the Birther movement and Wikileaks, or rather, shall I say, the media spin surrounding them will be.  Will the public sentiment change so much that we get a secrets act with little protest, that is, will it become a crime to reveal classified information regardless of intent, that is, the notion of mens rea or “guilty mind” is discarded?  Perhaps the public sentiment will be less inclined to question the appropriateness of the Presidential kill list.  Perhaps instead of a secrets act, the kill list method will be used the next time around.  Perhaps the spin will be that if the President had people like Taitz and Grinols  liquidated national security would not have been compromised.

Regardless of whether or not national security is jeopardize (or the government makes the claim), what about the possibilities regarding impeachment?  Will the Obama administration point out that laws are enforced in a totally arbitrary way?  After all, Bush wasn’t even elected.  I doubt that they’ll take that route.

I have trouble seeing how Obama can justify staying in power if it is the case that he cannot  prove he is qualified to be President.  Perhaps I missed something.  Let us say he makes a case and the Republicans try to impeach him.  Either that or let us say the Republicans claim a Supreme Court coverup.  It seems odd that Romney the Zombie rose from the dead shortly before the election and with the addition help of media spin the race became a dead heat just before election day.  Things looked bad for the Democrats.  All of that should have been bad for Obama, but supposedly he won, and even more spectacularly the Democrats even gained a few seats in the Senate.  Since there are 53 Democrats and the Republicans need 67 votes to impeach, my guess is that there would be a failed impeachment.  A likely outcome of a failed impeachment is that Obama becomes emboldened to exercise dictatorial powers (to a much greater extent than has been done by Bush and Obama in the past 11 years).

There is also the question of how some extreme right-winger(s) will respond, even if there is no attempt to impeach but the government seals the Grinols case.


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