Geolibertarianism by other means — Part 3: land value tax (lvt) — problems

Subject: Land use and rent (land and natural resources) revisted OR geolibertarianism by other means — Part 3: land value tax (lvt) — problems

I cannot help but think that land-value taxation is not without its problems.

It attacks land owners in a given jurisdiction but does nothing about what goes on outside a given jurisdiction. In other words, it puts some land owners at a disadvantage by changing the rules in the middle of the game for SOME land owners.

A land value tax does nothing about natural resources. Not only is natural resources probably more important, but a given jurisdiction may be resource poor. Indeed, those jurisdictions that are resource-rich are at such an advanatge that they have no incentive to be pro-growth. They can be lazy, corrupt, hypocritical, and incompetent. All they need to do if they run into trouble is another resource extraction fix. Look at the third world and Middle East for prime examples of this problem. Thanks to privatization things have only gotten worse in the Middle East and now there is a “database” — The Database / Al Qaeda which is MAD. The only jurisdictions that might consider geolibertarianism are those that don’t have the resources to begin with.

It should now be clear that Whatever policy is implimented, it must have a far reach. It must undo the effects of privatizing the surface area and natural resources. Privatized surface area and natural resources is here to stay — work around it!


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